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Sometimes I have a hard time with opening lines. I would never be able to write a movie or something. Unless, I could write the opening last.

Sometimes you meet people and you later realize that they are not put in your life to save you but to help you get through it.

Imagine that. God is the one that will save me but, I need someone to keep me on the straight and narrow until then. Someone to basically be my support as I go. Even when they do not know the right words to say.

Imagine being able to go through this journey with someone that will give 110% to help you make it along the way and, if you have this person you are so lucky.

So, let me tell you about J.J.

My best friend.

He will make that cemetery trip in the pouring rain, send me a snapchat he was there if I asked. Sometimes I do not have to ask.

I let him drive my boat. I even let him outfish me. Just kidding, as clumsy as I am you can imagine he's lucky to have only had one fish hook to the face. (YIKES).

My road trip partner. He will even endure haunted tours with me, y'all know I love haunted stuff.

We love NOLA. Well, I know I do.

My college football game attending partner. I just have to convert him to being a tiger.

Sometimes in the middle of a rainstorm you see a rainbow. Sometimes out of nowhere God sends you someone that will make your life a little easier. I am thankful for my person.

I am grateful that I gave a sure to a dinner invite and not a no like I was probably going to do.

I would not have met my best friend, boyfriend, fishing/hunting partner, MSU cheering, back road riding, Sunday morning church attending, pizza lover named JJ.

Solomon 3:4 "I have found the one whom my soul loves."

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