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Lezlie tried to do a lot of living in her short time. We made many weekend road trips. We spent time at the beach. We tried to do what she wanted and I am so glad she did a little living while she was here.

All too often we don't live. We just go through the motions to get through this life or, just the day.

We should do more, live more. We should take those weekend road trips. Spend a dollar more to buy something we want (after we pay bills for sure). Got to those sporting events, concerts, amusement parks, things that you want to do but don't. Do them. Live.

You get one life and its best if you don't spend time regretting what you didn't do.

Zach took a road trip with friends to see Metallica. One of the friends actually came to spend the week from Idaho (I believe) but, it was an experience they all got to enjoy and best of all, the had a great time. I believe next time they have to go to Idaho though. The point is, they lived. They did something they wanted to do.

Lezlie had told me when she graduated her and Mallory and Bethany were going to drive to the beach and spend a week. I wish she could have done this but, I am also grateful her last vacation was to the beach with Mallory and then, we spent a weekend with Bethany. They got to do a little living and that is whats important.

Don't wake up and regret what you didn't do or what your children didn't do. If it means the world to them and doesn't actually cost the world, do it. The memories you make will mean so much more when they grow up and move out.

Live and let your kids live too because you are not promised a lifetime with them. Take the pictures and have no regrets.

1 Corinthians 16:14 "Do everything in love."

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