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A bad day....

Regardless if it has been one day or 2000, you can still have bad days. Life can be too much. So instead of fighting through it, sometimes we given in and let it bring us down. I am so guilty of that for sure.

But, we can make it through those bad days.

Just feel bad for a while. Just give in and feel what you are experiencing. But, we need to give ourselves a time limit and snap out of it at the end of the time limit. Don't live in the grief or wallow in pity forever.

Get up and get moving. Get out of bed. Get outside. Stay of the couch and put the remote down. Walk, garden do something to ease your mind. Don't do what I was guilty of, watching every sad show or crime show I could to give me a reason to cry and feel even worse. I did that for months.

Find an app on you phone to lift your spirits. Maybe it'll be a game. Maybe a daily spiritual text or bible verse, something to help.

Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Make one of you Childs. I have a playlist of Lezlie's downloaded songs and let me just say this, it goes from Hillsong to Eminem.

Eat, but don't practice gluttony. Every now an then a peanut butter snickers and a Starbucks iced coffee (from the grocery store beverage section) is all I need.

Get out in the sun!

Take a super long bubble bath.



Call someone, that friend that you know will pick up and you know will say the right thing.

Road trip!

Get out in the nature (yes I use outside a lot). Hunt, fish or do both like I do. A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work, hunting too.

I promise you the bad days will not last forever but, every now and then you need a pick me up. Keep your faith. Pray and lets get over these bad days.

Mark 11:23 "Faith can move mountains."

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