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Sometimes you become a part of someones life and you realize your life is better for it.

Alaina and Lezlie.

I cannot tell you how much alike they are to me and, that is awesome.

I can see somewhat of Lezlie in Alaina. Personality wise for sure. Neither will take any mess off of anyone but, if they do not like you then you did something pretty bad.

LSU. Lezlie loved her some LSU. Alaina does too.

I gave Alaina Lezlie's beats. The ones that came in the mail 11/12/2015 and I actually kept them a couple years and wanted to give them to someone that meant the world to me and to Lezlie.

She has always texted me on every holiday and then some and it means the world to me.

She is a sweet soul. She is genuine. She is honest. She is someone that is a true friend if you are lucky to have her as a friend. She is someone if you do not know you need to, don't miss out on knowing her.

She is amazing.

She is beautiful inside and out and I know she misses Lezlie and I know Lezlie is watching over her and making sure she is safe.

I know that friendships are important and I am so glad my sweet girl had Alaina.

Her mom is doing awesome at raising her and you know what, I am so lucky to be a part of her life as well.

I am thankful for Alaina. God knew what he was doing when he sent me her and her mom. He got it right.

Romans 12:10 "Be good friends who love deeply."

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