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Amanda (LSU)

I remember the first text message I got from Amanda. I also remember the last, it was just a few minutes ago.

You know friendships can come from out of anywhere.

I remember the text I got after Lezlie's accident and, I remember the person that made me live. The person that made me get out and do things and I bet if I would have refused, she would have drug me out of the house.

Amanda Huskey is my best friend. She is someone that apparently has ESP because she knows exactly when to send a text and we can probably look at each other and know what we are thinking.

She has my kind of sense of humor and some people just can't handle us. That is okay, we aren't for everyone.

Not everyone gets us.

I remember all the trips we took and the fact that she caught the picture of me touching Michael Ray's hand and I did wash it but, it was awesome.

I remember all the heartfelt gifts she has given me and how she always includes Lezlie.

She has done so much to help with this journey.

Since before 11/11/2015 she has been a wonderful friend.

She has been someone that tells me straight up what I need to hear and if I do not like it, too bad. Sometimes that is what I need.

I know we are way overdue a lunch date but, we will get to that after LSU football season is over.

I couldn't do life without her.

She absolutely loves Lezlie and I know Lezlie loved her. She used to always ask if she could talk to Ms. Amanda.

Its hard to find true friends that last and I am so grateful I found this one.

Proverbs 27:17 "You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another."

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