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Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Whether or not you believe in angels, I do.

I also have an nephew that talks to them, especially Lezlie.

Lezlie tells him all kinds of things. She laughs with him. Most importantly, she watches over him. He's pretty lucky, he still has Lezlie and I promise you he probably always will.

I have seen Lezlie. I have been somewhere and smelled her perfume. She has touched me. She has given me signs. We are the lucky ones.

Angels appear when you least expect them and not when you want them. I know now that she just comes and visits when she knows she is needed.

Luke on the other hand, he probably sees here way more because, he is a child.

I know there are people that have never experienced their loved one in the after life and I have no words but this, believe. Stop trying to get them to appear and eventually they will. Two days after Lezlie gained her wings, one of the many nights I probably cried all night, she hugged me and at that moment I realized she was there, she was with me and she was okay, I had to learn to be.

Of course, I am still learning. I have a few to help me and I am sure it will take the rest of my life.

Angels, they are real. They are everywhere and I pray some of you experience your angel soon.

Psalm 91:11" For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;"

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