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Being angry...

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

I used to be angry all the time.

I imagine I still seem angry and, sometimes I am angry. Sometimes little things make me mad.

For instance, I have people that will say to me did you hear that so and so's child passed? Really, do I look like the ghost whisperer? Yes, I did hear but you know what, I do not need to hear every single day about things like this. Why, because I just cannot handle it at times.

Lord knows I will reach out and help anyone but, I do have feelings. I try to keep them in but, I get angry.

I used to be in my pjs and on the couch before dark for the longest. I was mad. I didn't feel like living so I watched CSI:Miami or Criminal Minds or even better, investigation discovery. I figured I knew how these tv folks felt when someone died so I could relate. But, I could not relate at all because death is not like TV. Yes, some are brutal but I am talking about the families. Life isn't rosy and happy and death doesn't just go away. Anger doesn't just go away either.

So, sometimes I am angry but not always about death. I get angry because way to many people put their children after them. Way to many. Way too many people think they know everything but honestly, they don't. I just sit and watch things unfold and wonder to myself and sometimes to my most trusted friends what in the world are these people thinking. Then I pray. Because prayer is pretty powerful.

So yes, you may encounter the angry me and if so, just know it isn't you unless you have me confused with the ghost whisperer. The only one I can see, hear, feel or smell is named Lezlie Ann.

Isaiah 30:15 " quietness and confidence shall be your strength."

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