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Bethany is one of Lezlie's best friends.

Giggles. I have Lezlie's phone numbers in our apple account and she is giggles in the phone.

Bethany and Lezlie share many memories.

Blue Bayou and Lezlie getting mad and not being apple to eat the key lime cheesecake. The time they went to McDonalds and Lezlie almost got them kicked out (long story).

Every other weekend at the house.

Locking Mal in the closet.

Apparently they did the blind make up challenge and that picture is posted below.

She is an awesome friend. Kind, honest and a lot more like Lezlie than I ever imagined.

She speaks her mind but she is a good friend. She loves people and if she doesn't like you well, you obviously did something to hurt or upset her other friends or family.

She is not a quitter.

She is someone you can trust.

She is a hard worker and, she's going to ace college.

I could name other memories but, we will save them for later.

But, they did get to go to homecoming. They did their own hair and makeup and they also proved that they are reliable, dependable and to this day well loved.

If you do not know Bethany, you need to. She's pretty awesome.

Proverbs 27:9 "A sweet friendship refreshes the soul."

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