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changes and more changes...

I started a new devotional book. well it is not really new, I bought it 2 months ago. I read three chapters then, stopped.

I recently restarted and it is amazing what I have been missing. Yesterday or, midnight last night I read something, starting the day by thinking outloud or saying it basically, not my will but yours God be done. Then, go through the day with that mindset and I bet you will see things differently.

Guess what? I did. Today was a great day. I made my mind up on things I needed to do, I have changes that I need to make and you know what, not only will I be proud of myself but God and Lezlie will too.

Changes, changes that are essential for me to be happy and survive this crazy world. Changes for me to be able to help kids more because, I have been slacking. I have put things I want to do aside and I am going to get back to those things. I want to help people and yes, I like to do it in ways that I feel others can help also. Buying and selling. Instead of doing the Lezlie t shirt, I figured I could make a little more to give by using her online shop as it was destined, to buy, sell and raise money.

Lezlie is smiling big because she knows that the changes I am making are not just good for me but, others.

Changes, start each day with that saying, just like I did at midnight and see what happens. It is actually a chapter in the devotional I am reading. Embraced by Lisa Terkeurst. I have a zillion devotionals and finally found one I can so relate to. I know that saying was discussed last night but rereading it and letting it sink in, my mindset completely changed and you know what, God's will will be done.

Philippians 3:14 "Keep moving forward."

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