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December 26

Being a grieving parent, surviving Christmas is hard.

Yes, I know the reason for the season and I believe that our savior has my baby and I believe with all my being I will join them one day.

I actually made it without having a mental breakdown, that is until about 30 minutes ago but, that is much better than expected.

Most people are so overwhelmed and exhausted after the holidays they don't check on their grieving friends but, some do.

Some check on us Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the December 26 and those people are the true heroes. Why? The remembered us.

Very rarely do you find these people and when you do, keep them close. They know what to say, what not to say and when to say it. Amazing people.

But, sometimes we hit December 26 and regardless if we get an I am thinking of you text or not, we have a moment or moments that day that we sit and we think and we think. Probably a zillion open tabs but we think about how we feel. How people make us feel and how we are not going to let it happen. We are not going to be last or third. It is time all our friends made us as important as we make them.

And you know what, if they don't we might not put as much effort into them as we used to and if it makes us better, feel better, keeps our mental health better, then its okay.

Thank you to my people for making sure I am okay, you guys rock. Just remember that you may have made a bigger difference these last 3 days than you could ever imagine.

Psalm 118:6 "The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid."

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