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Updated: May 23, 2021

Have you ever sat and thought that maybe the demons you are fighting are not really your friends, your enemies, monsters under the bed, drugs, alcohol, shopping, cigarettes, or anything that could be a demon but.....yourself.

You can be your own demon. Inside your head, you can control what you think and feel. You can have severe anxiety and if you do not first realize what is happening, face the truth and get help, you yourself will be the cause of your own crazy and demons.

You can be your own worst enemy.

We all have choices. If the boat is going down do you sink or swim, what does that voice in your head tell you. What does that demon, that looks a lot like the image of you Suggest you do.

There are not enough friends, family members, prescriptions or self help groups to help you if you do not chose to help yourself.

I know all this because there was once a demon, one that looked just like me, that had me so anxious, full of worry, doubt, guilt, anger, hatred, sadness, you name it that I almost lost total control. Thanks to finally fighting that demon, and having the sense to know that not only do I first have to realize what the problem is, I have to be adamant that I need help and take that help.

Yes, you cannot fight your demon or demons alone but, you ultimately have to face it head on and get control or, you will not survive. Sad, yes. True, yes. I have seen people not face their demons head on and lose the battle.

Demons, remember they are not always the monsters under your bed but, the monsters in your head.

"If you don't deal with your demons, they will deal with you, and it's gonna hurt."

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Isaiah 57:1-2

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