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Don't blink...

I am sure you have all heard the song Don't Blink and, if you have listened to it you understand why I used that title for tonight.

Things change in an instant. People leave, people die, people change. It is a part of the vicious cycle of life that no one wants to experience.

If you focus too much on the petty, the small things you miss the big things. The awesome catch at 3rd base, the home run, the touchdown, the smile that would melt the iceberg the titanic hit. Don't blink but don't miss out by not paying attention.

I remember the things that Lezlie would think were silly. The singing with the grandpa and grandson at all of their first LSU game under rain delay and the smiles and laughs they shared. The head banging at a Motley Crue concert and the swaying with the best song ever. The mud riding and loving being covered in mud. The road trips where she sang every word every way but right and, she didn't care.

Talking to people to make the feel important. Simple things. Being excited when she got to hang out with her bubba and her friends did too.

Don't miss the good, big stuff but focusing on the petty.

Say I love you, I am sorry, please, thank you, all the above and make memories to enjoy, not times passed by you will regret.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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