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Everyone dreams. I am not talking about dreaming of a white Christmas or a new car, I am talking about going to sleep at night and dreaming.

If you have lost a child (or another loved one), you want to see them in your dreams. But, some people never experience this. Some do.

I have had many dreams with Lezlie. Some were just plain crazy. Some, I would rather not talk about and some, they were awesome.

The first dream I had included Mallory. For some reason they were at our house, which happened to be in the middle or nowhere about 20 miles down a gravel road. I have no idea why. They called me to see where I was. I told them on the way. It felt like forever. I heard on the radio there was a wreck in front of the house. I called and told them to not go outside. They listened. Here's what is crazy. I came up onto the wreck, inside the wrecked vehicle were Mallory and Lezlie who, were standing on the porch looking at me like you need to get away from there. I woke up and thought, you are freaking kidding me. I did not sleep anymore that night.

Now, I have dreams that are a little weird but nothing ever bad like that one. Lezlie is always happy go lucky in them.

I have heard people get upset because they just don't dream about their loved ones. I have no answer as to why.

I have had people upset they don't get signs. I get them all the time. I hear running. She turns on the tv and changes the channel. She turns off the heater. She turns off the dish tv box and then on and off and on and I have to say stop it Lezlie. She opens the doors. She giggles. I can smell her perfume. I can hear that "momma" drawn out like she always used to do but the best part, I can feel her when she hugs me.

So, if you are experiencing these things, you are part of the lucky ones.

I watched two movies to ease my mind one time. Miracles from Heaven and Heaven is For Real. Why, to see how these kids saw heaven and to ease my mind. I imagine it is just as beautiful as it seems.

Whether she visits tonight or not, I do not know. You can bet I tell you tomorrow. She is not just partial to me, she watches over quite a few. Luke can tell you many stories about his angel Lezlie.

Hebrews 13:2 "Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained Angels without realizing it."

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