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Friends....part 1

Friends are something that you need a few of. A few really good friends.

Lezlie had many friends but she had some that were definitely her BEST friends. She is now rejoicing in heaven with one, sweet Mallory. Sweet Bethany is here with us and not a day goes by that she doesn't miss her best friends.

I have learned that this journey will definitely take you away from some of your friends. Why? Some cannot handle the emotions that go with this journey. Some try and compare things they have gone through to what you are going through and that, is not something anyone should do. Absolutely no one grieves the same, no one.

Today, I will introduce you to a couple of my friends. You will get to learn about more as we go.

I work with some pretty awesome people. I have also worked with some pretty awesome people.

Stephanie, from Sta home, is definitely a friend that I am so glad I met. She is wonderful. She is probably one of the greatest I made during my time at Sta home. She is kind. She is loving and she always thinks about me. She is someone that puts others first. She is a wonderful mother and grandmother, most of all she is one of the greatest friends I have ever had.

Brittany Meacham is another friend that I am so glad Sta home bought into my life. She knows exactly when to check on me and exactly when to send me a funny text to make me laugh. She is kind hearted. She is awesome. She is wonderful nurse, mother and definitely a wonderful friend.

These two, Stephanie and Brittany definitely kept me sane when I first went through this loss.

Currently, I work with some of the greatest friends ever. Baleigh is awesome. If Baleigh prays for you, you can guarantee God is listening. She listens. She is kind. She is caring. She is loving. She is god fearing and she's is not only one of the best P.A.s ever, she's an awesome mom to my favorite little boy and, one of the best friends around.

Amanda Hanes is someone that is honest. She will never lie. If you ask her something and want an honest answer, she will give it to you. She is an awesome co worker. She is someone that you can count on. She is a wonderful mom. She is also a great cook (I would pay her to bring me lunch if I thought I could). She is a true friend. You do not find many that would drop everything for you. She would. She is one of the best friends I have. When I started this journey, she would always check on me. I am so glad I have her as a friend.

Melanie Dixon, I have known for about 15 years. I remember taking Lezlie 4 wheeler riding when she was about 3 and there have been many more memories we made with the kids. (Not gonna make anyone cry so, I will just leave that be). She has always been there for me when I needed her. Its hard to keep friends nowadays but, I am so glad to have kept her. She was there for me also when I first started this journey. She kind of tells me like it is and lets be honest, I need that. My co workers know that. She doesn't let me drive but we won't bring that up. She is a great person to work with. She has been an awesome friend over the years and, I couldn't ask for a better one.

J.J., well he isn't just my friend, he's my better half. (don't tell him). Lets be honest here, no one in their right mind would sign up for a relationship with someone that has lost a child but, he's been a trooper. He posts my pics. He makes me talk and lord knows I hate that. He has stayed true through the emotional mess I can be at times and I am truly grateful. He even buys me food (haha). He puts up with me and I promise you, he needs a trophy at times. But, he is also one of my best friends. I can pretty much talk to him about anything (and I am actually getting better at that). I wouldn't want to do life without him. I thank God everyday for J.J.

Mandy McMillian, she is my cousins wife but she has been wonderful to me through this journey. I never realized how much of a best friend she was until I realized that all the texts etc that she sent me when I needed them the most, they were awesome. Now, I realize we need each other way more than we should because sometimes, life likes to kick you and knock you down but, we are not going to let it. Mandy is kind. Mandy is an awesome nurse. Mandy is also an awesome mother. I can't thank God enough for putting her in my life.

Melanie Hardy. Melanie is Sarah Elizabeths mom, one of Lezlie's friends. She has been a wonderful friend to me. We used to sit and watch the softball games together when the girls played. She prays for me and like Baleigh, when she prays, God is listening. She has been wonderful to me during my journey.

I will introduce you to a few more tomorrow but, I just felt that these friends needed to know that life has been hard but with them, I got this.

Proverbs 27:9 "A sweet friendship refreshes the soul."

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What a blessing to call you my friend, Ms. Carrie. I call your name to God daily and hope that I can one day be half the friend to you as you are to me. I marvel in your strength, courage, and faith and am so blessed that God brought you and your precious family into our lives.


Aw carrie Dee! I love you and think you are an awesome person. Great friend to me. Thank you for always being there for me as well.

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