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Grieving Alone....

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and you cry ALONE.

During grieving, we tend to isolate ourselves. Its not something we have to do, its something we learn. We are taught to share good news but, in the same sense we are told to not let others see you cry. So what do we do, we hide to cry. We do it alone.

We are taught this behavior, we learn it. So yes, we isolate ourselves. After all, who wants to see anyone cry. Why would we want to make people as uncomfortable as we are. So, we do what was learned and, it can be dangerous.

Of course, it is hard to learn to share the feelings you have related to losing your child. But, it is going to be harder in the long run to not talk about it.

Do anything and everything you can to make sure EVERYONE knows your child existed and still does. They may have a heavenly body but I promise you they exist. Memories, pictures, you name it. You will find stuff forever that was there or that even just reminds you of them.

Talk about them to anyone and everyone that will listen and if they act uncomfortable, don't apologize because you should never apologize for loving and sharing your child or their memory.

Remember them. Love them and share stories about them.

Its okay to cry in private a few times, 2:00 in the morning or waiting at a stop light but do not make it a habit.

Find someone you trust and you feel will not be so judgmental because right now that is the last thing needed, to be judged for grieving. No one will ever know 100% how YOU feel not even those that have experienced the death of their sweet child.

Be angry, be mad, these are normal and I promise you that you will revisit these emotions just like you revisit every other one you felt or are feeling. Its okay. If you are mad at God, talk to him, I promise he is there. He is just waiting for your stubborn self to seek him. I know this because, he waited for me a while and every now and then he has to say get it together girl, you got this. Why? I have this because he's right there with me.

Yes, grieving alone is something we will try to do but, try and break the cycle and grieve with others.

Psalm 18:28 "My God turns my darkness into light."

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