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Updated: May 4, 2019

It is hard to know how to live after losing someone you love. You feel like the world is over or coming to an end. Unfortunately, you realize it is still going on.

Yes, it feels like no one understands. You feel isolated. Your life will never be the same and apparently no one knows this.

Complicated grief can last a very long time. You can try healing in many ways but, I think helping others has truly helped me.

Sometimes, it seems hard to do this, to help others but, it can be done.

You do not actually have to go out and find someone. It also doesn't mean you are limited to just those grieving. No, it doesn't. Help rescue and animal.

Volunteer. Help your elderly or handicapped neighbor. Help someone that is sick of be there for their family when they just need a minute.

I have actually messaged people going through what I am and just let them know they aren't alone and, if I can get through this I have faith they can.

I believe that once we realize we are not alone in this struggle, we get a sense of relief, just as we get the same sense if helping someone by doing something we may think is small.

In reality, the smallest good deed is probably just as meaningful as the biggest.

Help someone and you just might help yourself.

John 15:12 "Love one another as I have loved you."

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