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As I wrote yesterday, I figured I would continue this...Holidays, they are not the greatest time of year the bereaved parent.

It is hard to describe but, usually I displace my grief with being mad as hell at everyone and everything. Even if it doesn't seem that I should be mad or I get mad about something pretty dumb, it happens. It should be expected by now around any holiday. I mean all 7,000 the government celebrates too (presidents day, Veterans Day, valentines day, Christmas, and every other one left out that you don't know existed).

Well, I cannot tell anyone how to survive these but I can give you a few ideas.

First, if you feel awful then, feel awful. Feel however you need to and you know what, it is okay.

Start a new tradition. Maybe you need to mix it up a bit. You don't wanna do the traditional dinner, don't. I mean have tacos, cheeseburgers, pizza or just desserts. Who cares, cope how you need to.

If being around family is too hard, don't do it. And you know what, it is not anyones business or place to tell you to get out and do this or this or that. Truthfully, no one but you knows what will make you feel good.

Yes, people are gonna think it is their job to help you survive the holidays and you know what, tell them it is actually your job and you know what is best for you. It is your heart broken beyond repair.

Basically, survive these holidays in the way that makes you feel comfortable. If you think you are going to be mad as hell, try not to be mad as hell at everyone. Always remember everyones grief and how they handle it is unique to each person.

God's got this and he has got you too!

Psalm 37:8 "Don't give in to worry or anger, it only leads to trouble."

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