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How long does this last...

How long will we grieve the loss of our children? I am pretty sure everyone wants to know. The answer is easy, until we die.

Now, research shows people feel better in two years and, I am not most people apparently because your three leading to four has been AWFUL.

I just don't honestly feel I will never grieve. Yes, I may learn to live and smile and all that stuff but, I will never not grieve.

I will never not feel sad on certain days of the year. I will never not feel bad watching softball games.

I will never not feel bad shopping.

I will never not feel bad making late night taco belle runs.

I don't mean I will regret doing these things, I will just feel grief doing them.

I will grieve every single day doing or seeing or smelling things that remind me of Lezlie.

I will shed a tear in the converse store like always.

I will never not grieve smelling Victorias secret Pink Sunkissed body spray.

Basically, we may feel a little better in 2 years, but we will never not grieve.

Grief last forever. We will never master it. We will never be able to write a book on how to get over or through it. Grieving is forever.

The road will always be long, but it may be a little easier to walk down and, that is all we can ask for.

1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

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