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I miss...

Sometimes people come up to me and will ask me what do you miss. Sometimes this is in regards to Lezlie and sometimes to things in my life that has changed.

Well, let me tell you what I don't miss....

I don't miss deadlines.

I don't miss spending all my time away from my family.

I don't miss feeling like my mental health was falling apart as was myself.

I don't miss not knowing if I was doing what God wanted me too.

I don't miss any of the heartache. I don't miss any of the sleepless nights worrying about what I needed to do to make myself and God happy.

I don't miss feeling like I was taking one step forward and two steps back.

But, I miss friends that knew what to say.

I miss seeing my baby girl at 3rd base, even though she hated it at first.

I miss seeing her smile.

I miss hearing momma in only a voice she could make.

I miss texts about passwords and I love you, etc.

I miss stinky softball feet.

I miss fighting with Snowman on who sleeps wear.

I miss beach trips and bubba being protective.

I miss chocolate chip mocha frappes without the chocolate chips (you had to be there).

I miss coffee in the mornings at work, especially from our favorite shop.

I miss donuts for breakfast and lunch.

I miss sitting in the hall and having good conversations.

I miss babies and toddlers, and oodles of noodles with Beck for sure.

I miss mud riding and muddy clothes.

I miss get togethers with the whole family.

I miss Lezlie, of course I do but, I miss her voice and her smell and her laugh and her cry and her converse and leggings and really big t shirts and freaking out at the MAC store.

Don't make your lifetime full of not living and only working, live and enjoy your babies. Enjoy everything about them and take the time. Life is short. No regrets.

Romans 8:38-39 "You are loved forever."

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