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I won't ever recover...

Something that most never realize is this, we won't ever recover from grief.

That means you and I - all of us in this club. We will never recover. And, that is okay as I have said and been told numerous times.

What that doesn't mean is we are headed for a life of despair. I promise there are many people living a very meaningful life that are grieving.

Misrepresentations are the stories you've heard about life getting back to normal or the best one, moving on. Grief doesn't work with closure.

Recovery can be a place in grief but lets talk about that word. To recover is to basically return to a normal state of health mid and or strength and we will never ever be normal after a loss or at least pre-loss normal. Losing a child will change you and will change how you live and how you experience the world.

But hopefully, our level of stress and emotion and distress with get close to normal. We will never recover from the actual grief but maybe somewhat from all the distress it brings. (Yes, I have done my research and I had a good therapist).

Unfortunately to understand grief, you have to experience it and this type I wouldn't wish on even the worst type of person.

But, what I am basically saying is you will never ever recover from the loss of someone significant. Someone that meant the world to you. As long as they are that important or that significant, the grief will always be at your side.

Pain is a normal response and don't ever let someone tell you different. The harder and stronger the love, the worse the grief. This is a true statement. There are days still, like yesterday that I would have given anything to have 5 minutes with Lezlie, I mean anything. I didn't sleep at all last night either, I either had these horrible images in my head or I was crying or I just for a minute wanted to be anywhere but alive. It happens and as much as I love her and will always love her, I will wait, though the pain and the tears and the hurt, to see her. Gods timing.

Grief is basically an expression of love and we will never recover from grief.

Gods got you and Gods got me.

Psalm 34:4 "I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears".

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