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Is there a handbook...

There answer is no.

People don't get how to handle us. They don't get anything about us.

But, if you survive as many days as I have, 1252 to be exact, you will take it like a grain of salt and just keep on keeping on. They will never get it.

Well, kind of.

You see even though it has been 1252 days, I still get asked these dreaded questions - how many kids do you have, how is Lezlie, oh no what happened to her. So yeah, I do kind of take it lightly at times because people just don't get it and people are insensitive to our feelings even if they don't mean it.

There needs to be a book with a chart to show you how to answer the questions asked, you know like directions for anything you buy but, easier to read.

You see, it gets pretty old when you explain the same think over and over or, you get the awkward looks, the moments of silence that never end because people just don't understand. Then again, to understand exactly how we feel, is to join us.

We, as parents, should never bury our child. We shouldn't outlive them. Lezlie should be here getting on Zach's nerves, asking for taco belle at midnight or a chocolate chip frappe with the chocolate chips (which is mocha), asking to go to the beach, LSU football games, you name it. We should not be going to see her in the graveyard off Highway 80/27 but, we do.

Maybe one day, one day in the future, someone will write a book with directions on how to not make us mad or sad, but to treat us like we still exist, our child still exists (they do) and, to maybe get us a little more than you do.

2 Timothy 1:7 "For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

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