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Let me tell you about my....

SolBest friend. You know at times there are just the simplest of things that get to me. Songs, tv shows, commercials, food, candy, shoes, makeup, perfume; you get the picture. Sometimes not only do I not want to get up and move, I do not want to work or do anything. Basically because I just get tired. Tired of everything.

I work with some of the best friends I could ever ask for but, y'all already know that. I mean if you do not well, you just aren't paying attention. They keep me sane, straight, grounded, they say the right things at the right time, send the right texts, etc.

But, let me tell you about the best friend I have ever had. The one that knows when I do not want to talk and the one that will text me the simple, I am here if you need me. The friend that without a doubt, I wouldn't trade for a Super Black Eagle II. (those that know what that is know what I mean).

I sometimes think that I probably don't deserve such an awesome friend but, I thank God that he thought I did. I am pretty sure he had everything to do with me finding this friend. Sometimes you find things in the places you don't expect or you find the people you never knew existed.

I would say that anyone that knows me knows that I do my best to keep Lezlie's memory alive, keep her spot looking just right and making sure Zach is taken care of. Well, I have the best friend ever that will drive to the cemetery without me asking, even goes without me, makes sure her spot looks good and, this is the person that makes sure every single morning her pictures are posted to fb. The same person that makes sure Zach is good too.

Someone that knows Lezlie but didn't know Lezlie.

So I am sure by now some people want to know who this best friend ever is and, all I can say is this, if you don't know by now then I can't tell you, it isn't a secret but I do hope you all find someone that is as awesome to you as I have found. I hope you find someone that can make you smile through the pain, laugh through the tears, cry when you need to and, without a doubt makes sure that no one ever forgets that my sweet Lezlie is and will always be important.

I couldn't do this journey without this person.


Solomon 3:4 "I have found the one that my soul loves."

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