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Let's hear it for the....

Lets start with Will. I remember every time I see Will he gives me a hug. Why, because he knows I need it. He is pretty awesome like that. He sure did love Lezlie. He still does. I know he still misses her, every single day. Imagine how amazing he will be as he gets older. He's already thoughtful but, he has something some do not, an amazing guardian angel.

Luke. Luke is the ghost whisperer. Luke has full on conversations and laughs with Lezlie all the time. I think she followed him to his new house too. And yes, he absolutely loved her and misses her too. He wears her picture around his neck. He is his own little person and he wears it well. I can only imagine the conversations he and Lezlie will have later in life.

My friends have kids too that are pretty awesome.

I am not going to include them all here tonight because one night coming up I have to cover my absolute favorite Ford's and the little ones will be included.

Daisy Mae. Daisy Mae and I spent a whole lot of time together the 6 months following her losing two of her best friends and, I sure miss my Daisy Mae. She was pretty awesome to be around and there was that one time we made her eat oysters celebrating our girls. There is a video.....

Mason. He is pretty awesome. He and his mom checked on Lezlie for me a few times when I asked. Sincerely. He is well mannered, thoughtful, kind and loving. He is going to grow and up be pretty amazing.

Lily Kate. Lezlie loved Lily Kate. I think the feeling was mutual. But, Lily Kate was also one of the friends that was so wonderful to me and I guarantee if I asked her to help me out or take a mini trip to celebrate the girls, she would. She is amazing. She is kind hearted, a sweet soul and such a beautiful girl. I sure do love her and her mom for everything they included me in.

Gracie. Gracie just so happens to be family. I do not know how she sang for Lezlie but, she did. Gracie has an amazing voice and she has sang at things for me a few times and one time she didn't feel all that great. She sure loved Lezlie. Different schools and different soft ball teams but, they are still family. Gracie is awesome. I love that she is family. I love her spirit, her kindness and thoughtfulness and she is pretty gorgeous herself.

Hunter. Lezlie's best friend. I remember one time asking her who is Hojo then, I realize what an awesome friend he was to my girl. I sure do love him and his mom. They are themselves still some of my favorite Benton folks. He is and always will be one of Lezlie's best friends. He is pretty amazing too.

Austin. I can honestly say that being someone that got a call that there was an accident and getting there and realizing who it was had to be hard. But, I can say that if they knew he was there, they were comforted. Austin loved Lezlie and Mal. I know they felt the same. He is also pretty amazing. He is someone that I know hurt like the rest of us and I am sure it was little harder that day for him as well. He has always been good to us and what's so awesome about that community is they all are still part of our family.

Tyler. I went to his graduation. I remember seeing the times he played football at a different school but supported his girls. To this day, I know they are a part of his life as they always will be. Lezlie loved her friends and she definitely included Tyler as one of best friends. He is awesome. I do know that it meant a lot to be invited to his graduation and going made me realize how the two girls were and still are loved.

I will introduce you to more tomorrow. I do not have enough room or time tonight. This may be a 50 part series and it may just be a couple. But, these are some amazing kids, teens, almost adults.

Matthew 17:20 "Our faith can move mountains."

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