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Lets talk about feelings...

Absolutely no one wants to talk about feelings.

I mean who wants to know how you really feel. People will say they do but, they don't.

They won't really be listening. They will only hear key parts or ( parts, not really key) and, if you really think about it they will definitely try and put their 2 cents in when they weren't listening in the first place.

Sit with a grieving parent and truly listen to them explain their feelings. I bet you will be surprised, amazed at what we say.

Like we will never ever get over the death of our child. We will never forget and will never let anyone else forget. How we still have faith and believe in God and his powerfulness. How at the end of the day, we still love that same God. How we can forgive. How we can turn something so sad and tragic into something else.

How we cry and we cry a lot. How lonely we feel at times even among our family and friends. How we want to be happy and we try and at times we are but, we may feel guilty. How life seems to have just did something to us we have no idea why and we do not believe all that bull about it happened for a reason. Yeah, and me punching you in the face happened because you said that.

We aren't being punished but at times, it feels like it. It feels like all the awful people ( or those that seem that way) get all the breaks and we, who have tried to be the best we could, we suffered the ultimate loss. But, we know that God doesn't work like that either.

There are a million other things I could place right here but, I would rather someone ask me to talk about how I feel and it would mean so much more if it was a close friend, family member and not someone that gets pad. You see, if you truly love and care for someone, you love and care for them through everything including the parts of life that tear us apart.

Matthew 17:20 "Faith can move mountains."

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