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Today is 9/11, 2 months from the anniversary of my sweet girl leaving her earthly body to gain her heavenly one.

Today is a day that the whole world remembers because of all the tragedy that occurred. But, do you remember how the world came together the next day. Amazing that people could get along.

Lezlie loved everyone. I am sure I have told you all this before. If you knew her you were so lucky, really, and maybe you can know her some by my pictures, etc.

She loved softball. One time she didn't but, it was short lived. She started playing off a tee. Those were the days. I know y'all know she loved to play because I do have a bunch of pictures of her playing.

But, what she did not love is people being mean or ugly to others. She loved her friends. She loved her family. She loved Taco Bell (#7).

She loved her bubba.

She loved life.

Lezlie was someone that when you think of her, you should smile. You knew someone that God needed more than we did and that, regardless of how heartbreaking it is, is amazing.

Grief sucks. Child loss sucks.

Having faith that can move mountains in a situation like this is probably the hardest thing I have had to do but, I know I cannot give up.

Life is meant to be lived but, the right way. Not feel of anger, resentment, hate, even though losing a child you do feel all of those at a time but, we don't live in those feelings all the time.

I have met some pretty amazing people on this journey. I became friends and have lost friends but, at the end of the day I know that I am living right. Theres a post going around about if you knew me in high school I am not the same, you need to meet me again. Well, I can say that about if you knew me a few months ago.....

Living for Lezlie and living how God wants me too.

1 John 1:5 "God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all."

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