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Ever have a day that seems to be going great or good and out of nowhere you just start to feel awful. Guilty. Sad. Depressed. Angry. Hurt. Tired. Just tired, so tired you cannot describe it exactly.

I do, all the time.

Sometimes, I feel like I just want to be alone. Left alone. Shut off from the world. Go to work, go home. Be alone. Alone. Alone. Alone.

But then, I remember to Look Up. To know that not only does God have me in his hands/arms, there are some people here that I cannot shut myself off from. I try and remember that even though I get so tired, tired like the tired you get when you want to quit, I have others to think of. So, I do what Lezlie would say, put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

It doesn't last long most of the time, sometimes its just this nagging feeling. This voice that says you just need to be alone and be by yourself. You may even just need to give up because you are not cut out of this. You are nothing. That is the voice of the devil that tries to push me to quit but, I don't.

Yes, it is quite normal to want to give up, be alone, quit and it is also normal to feel 100 emotions all together and still not be able to describe them. Just remember to look up, God has you, that child is up there sad because you are sad so, be a big girl or boy and deal with it. This too shall pass. I promise.

Colossians 3:2 "Set your mind on things above."

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Isaiah 57:1-2

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