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More grief.....

Sometimes I think it is important to let those grieving know whats normal and, those that aren't need to know what is our normal.

Of course grief is a natural, normal, and necessary response to loss. It is essential to heal a broken heart. Remember, there is no time limit.

Grief is very powerful. It is emotional. It will be expressed in one way or another.

Everyone's grief is unique. No one grieves the same.

Unfortunately, grief is unpredictable. It can happen anytime and it can happen anywhere.

Like I mentioned above, it has no timetable. It takes as long as it takes. We may never stop grieving.

You cannot check grief off of a list. It is not a bucket list item. It is not something anyone strives to accomplish. It is a process of learning to live with a hole in your heart.

Grief as well as loss are a big part of life. It is important how we handle the loss and it influences our lives and relationships way more than we realize.

Some like to walk on eggshells around us because they say we are too emotional but I am pretty sure everyone dealing with a loss is emotional and they have very right to be.

The main thing to remember when you are trying to help us is this, show up and enter our world. Support us without judgment or evaluation.

Respect our pain. Grief not only sucks, it hurts. Remember your presence is the most powerful and precious gift you can give us.

Even though this may be hard, accept our emotions. I know for a fact that is a big task. My emotions are worse than a roller coaster at times.

Grief changes us. Try and grow with us through this change and whatever you do, don't leave or pull away.

Grief is lonely. Try and share our loneliness. Even though our loss is ours alone, be with us as we struggle. Make yourself available.

Be a safe haven. We need non judgmental, trustworthy, and safe people who love us for who were are, where we are. You will have a great impact.

Help us connect with others grieving. Our grieving hearts need a lot of reassurance.

Our grief can help you heal and grow. Our pain could trigger something in you. Maybe we can heal together.

Be patient with not only us but, yourself. Remember, grief requires patience. Be in this for the long haul.

Grief is real. Grief is a part of life everyday for some of us and, it will never go away. We just learn to live with this huge hole in our heart. It is much needed to have someone to live through this with us.

Phil. 3:12 "I press on....because Christ Jesus has made me his own."

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