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November 11, 2015

I always hate to think about this day. This was the day that so much changed. I decided to go ahead and get it over with, everyone needs to know the story.

I remember that day started like any other. I went to work, got done fairly early and went to the grocery store. I was going to get snacks for Lezlie's fridge and get ready for the weekend. We were going to go hunting. She had already killed two deer that Monday.

I remember texting her that a.m. for the iTunes info, I can never remember it. She sent it back and as always we texted I love you.

I remember getting the phone call. I remember thinking it wasn't real. I remember that right before that phone call I was placing her stuff in her fridge, turning her a/c on and it didn't come on. I decided I would fix it later that evening. I never got around to it. I remember all the phone calls. I remember being highly aggravated that the media posted her picture before all the calls were made. I remember wanting to know how her best friend was, I remember being mad. Mad as hell. And at times, I still am. I also remember crying because, that is what we do.

You see, after school that day her and her best friend were on their way home. I cannot say what happened that caused the accident but all I know is they were hit on highway 16 by an 18 wheeler. They could not get my baby out of the car as her seat broke. She had one injury that took her life. Her sweet friend spent 2 days in ICU at UMMC. God called her home to join Lezlie on 11/13/2015.

When I think about that day, I think that maybe God took her because she knew she was loved and that we could not have made the ultimate decision that he made. But, I also know that when I meet him face to face, I will know.

I remember somehow I made it to my parents house. I have no idea how. I remember it took absolutely forever to get to her. But, she was gone before any of us got there. She was so peaceful lying there, and warm. Like she was asleep. She was as beautiful as ever and yet, she was what I always said she was, an angel.

Most of the rest of that day is a blur but not the site of my beautiful angel lying there. Resting. In Jesus's arms. A place many times over the past 3 years I wanted to be.

Faith, something I lost but finally got back - that is for another day.

My angel. Loved by so many, god's girl. The type of person that I wish I could be like.

Psalm 116:15. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

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2 commenti

I love you more than you know! I’m always here for you....

Mi piace

So proud of you carrie

Mi piace
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