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One more day...

Country music definitely knows how to make you cry. There are songs that will come on about losing a loved one (not those stupid breakup songs) and, I have to turn it.

You should be here had to be the absolute worst heartbreaking song I could have ever heard after my sweet Lezlie left. Why, the end of that video was full of true emotion. I still feel I need to give Cole Swindell a hug for that ending. I could relate to that song.

Just like Heaven by Justin Moore. Who doesn't want the chance to visit heaven for a day but, lets be real, that isn't possible. If it was, there would be no joy when we got to go there for eternity. I mean, shoot we can go when we want.

We all want one more day. But, that leads to another day and another, and so on. It is not possible.

I stress that you have to enjoy the time you have RIGHT NOW, tomorrow isn't promised. I don't know if young people left us as much as I notice they do now or not way back when but, I don't believe they did.

We all watched the news back in the day. It was news. We read the paper, it was readable. But, we don't do that as much and I just think it didn't happen like it is now. It would have been on the 6:00 or 10:00 news if it did.

Yes, there were school shootings but I am talking about the fact that almost every day someone we know loses a child. EVERY SINGLE DAY. This didn't happen 20 years ago. Not like this.

Cherish the days you have. Do not long for one more day. Make sure your kids know you love them to heaven and back times infinity. I sure love mine, my almost 22 year old and my forever 15 year old and, they know it. I also love my almost 19 year old college student, my 19 year old state fan (go tigers), the now senior and the 9th grader that is bound to be a heartbreaker plus, I got some awesome nephews and my work fam has some wonderful kids. I promise you this, having your kids realize you do love them is a big deal.

Do not wish for one more day, make the most of today!

1 Corinthians 16:14 "Do everything in love."

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