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Out with the old... with the new.

Of course, tomorrow there will be 1 million resolutions. I, of course, will make none. Why? I am not perfect, I do not want to be perfect and will never be perfect.

Of course, everyone rings in the new year in different ways. I, will ring it in duck hunting. Why? It is something I want to do and have never had the chance too. My goal is a banded duck but I will take killing one period.

Lezlie, well she is up there with all our family, Mal and Nat and she is ringing in the New Year in a far better place than us down here. Why? She is around the throne. You know we all wish we could be.

Tomorrow, we will eat for health, wealth and luck and maybe, just maybe one will go in our favor.

Out with the old. That means no more sitting around wondering why your friends do not check on you, maybe you need new ones.

That means things will be somewhat different. I will 100% live and keep Lezlie's memory alive. After all she made sure I knew she was around when she flicked the light switch back on this a.m. as I was headed to work.

I will make sure her bubba is good. I will make sure her nanny and poppy are good. I will make sure her daddy and ms Natalie are good and mimi. Her aunt and uncle and two nephews. JJ, Robin, Hayden and Hunter and Bethany of course.

We will be out with some old and in with some new but, she will remain 100% alive and you know, she loves it. I know I have received messages from those that love it too.....Happy New Years Eve.

Be safe.

Philippians 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice."

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