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Reasons why....(1)

People talk about reasons why they wake up in the morning. Reasons why the do things, etc.

I have many reasons why I do things and it may take a few posts to get them all out.

My parents. My parents are pretty awesome. They will do anything to help anyone and the best thing, they never brag. They just do it. There are things they have done that no one knows about and I am sure they will continue to help/do things for others.

My parents took it just as hard as I did when Lezlie was taken. They still probably grieve like I do. They get upset at times when things remind them of her or, they share a memory. But, thats what love does - the harder and stronger the love, the harder you grieve.

I remember valentines day 2016, my dad bought me something. He didn't have to but, he did. I probably never say thank you enough to them but, I am grateful to have such loving parents. Parents that stand together through it all. The deaths they have seen. The hard times, they are standing tall through it all.

I know many people that have never had parents like mine and many have, it is something to be grateful for. If they love you as much as mine, you are lucky. Just like anyone that knew Lezlie was lucky.

She had the best grandparents. Her mimi is pretty awesome too and she is someone that I can say is as wonderful as my own parents, I am so grateful for her. She has done so much for me and I know that I can call/text her and she will do whatever to help. I spent a lot of time with her after we lost our sweet Lezlie and am thankful to have had the time we shared.

I know that all three of them have a special place with Lezlie and Jesus and I know she will welcome them with open arms.

I would never want to disappoint them and as hard as this has been, I can say they have made it a little more bearable. If you know them, you know their hearts and you know how wonderful they are.

Luke 12:15 "Life is not measured by who much you own."

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