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Roses in December....

This is actually the title of a book I was given. It was actually a book written by a lady that lost three sons, THREE. I cannot even imagine her pain but, she wrote what I feel is something to help anyone grieving.

But, looking at the meaning of the book and the saying, I have come to realize that if you look at the saying, "God gave us a memory so we could have roses in December", you may come to realize how this relates to grief. Because we have our memory, during the saddest of times, we can comfort ourselves with a wonderful memory. Like a Rose in December, it is a reminder that even in the coldest of times, we can have something beautiful.

We have memories. We have pictures. Our own kind of roses in December. I cannot express to anyone how important memories are. How important pictures are. Take that weekend road trip. Make the midnight taco belle run if not just for your children, for the memories. Take that spur of the moment trip to see their favorite singer, their favorite sports team or, their favorite family member. Make the memories. Even if you do not express the loss of your child, when they grow up and move on, you will want your roses in December.

Losing a child to a disease or a tragedy is awful. Its so heartbreaking that trying to describe it is pretty much undoable. It is a combination of feelings all wrapped into one. Time does not necessarily heal these wounds it just makes the wounds bearable. Mainly because we learn to live with these feelings and, we have our own roses in December.

If you do not do anything or take anything from these writings other than I cry a lot and may be a little off the normal realm, take the pictures and make the memories. You will not regret the little things I can promise you that. Say I Love You more than you have been and, mean it.

Philippians 4:8 "Whatever is lovely....think about such things".

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