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So, I debated what to write today. I was thinking of going over that dreaded day but, I will do that another day.

Let's talk about siblings. Lezlie and Zach had the typical brother sister relationship. She annoyed him and he was a butt but hey, they loved each other.

I mean, she still likes to aggravate him. Turning the tv on and off, messing with the remote and moving things around. She even likes to run down the hall at about two in the morning. Typical Lezlie.

No one should ever experience the loss of a child. But, imagine having to tell their sibling. I didn't have to do that,, my daddy did. I didn't know if I was coming or going and I just couldn't imagine doing that. But a big brother, regardless of how annoyed he can get at you, can have a broken heart too. His sister shouldn't have died. Just like my baby shouldn't have.

Every now and then he will go visit her but, she isn't there. She is still with him to this day. She is his biggest fan. She is his little sister.

Can you imagine taking two teens on a weekend trip. We decided to go to Nashville to watch football. I mean you had the best of both worlds. You had OBJ, Mettenberger, McCluster and Manning on one field. Awesome right. Well, maybe. One child doesn't bring any socks and the other only brought an xbox, and a comforter. I probably spent $250.00 that weekend on junk. A complete wardrobe and socks. After all, it was 20 degrees. I even felt like Neil Patrick Harris taking Harold and Kumar to White Castle for the first time. But, that was an awesome weekend and, they got along so well.

Metallica - nothing in the world prepared me for the day she proceeded to tell me his favorite song and, she knew all the words. Why? She was the singer when they played Rock Band. Proof siblings do like each other.

And that trip to the beach, well, I will save that for another day.

My main point of this post is to remind everyone that her bubba misses her just as much as any of us. He just deals with it in his way. So, do not forgot the siblings. They hurt too. They have feelings and, they grieve. Their grief is different, but isn't everyones.

Sometimes sharing a story with the left behind brother or sister would probably be a pretty awesome thing to do. They remember just like anyone else and, they like to talk if you get them at the right time.

I plan on eventually talking about 11/11/2015 but, I couldn't do it today. I just had to tell a little about that sibling relationship. Maybe, just maybe she won't mess with the tv tonight because of this. (or the lights, or the get the picture).

Psalm 133:1 How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along.

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