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Siblings and grief

Most people spend all their time trying to help the grieving parent but, what about the grieving brother or sister? Don't they need help in this process?

Absolutely so, here is a few things to help with the process.

The brother or sister left will feel guilty why, because they are the ones that are still alive, they couldn't protect them and, they had things they needed to say.

They feel anxiety because, they know how fragile life is, they worry it will happen to them and, they feel something may happen to another family member.

They will feel lonely because, they are surrounded by people but the one they want to talk to is no longer here.

Their grief is overshadowed because everyone spends time helping the parents.

They need to share their grief even if they don't want to talk about it, they need too.

They need to forgive themselves if they remember there was an argument or something that happened and they never said I am sorry to the sibling. They need to know that their brother or sister also forgives them.

They need to find ways to remember their brother or sister. Whether it is a picture on the wall, a phone screensaver, a voicemail, anything to keep the memory alive.

Most importantly, they need to feel that they are not alone. They are just as important and, it is just as important to show them they are.

They are often overlooked but, they hurt just as much as the parents do. Do not forget the brother or sister that is still here. They need you now more than ever.

Philippians 1:3 “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.”

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