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Stop pretending...

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Don’t you wish people would stop pretending to be things they aren’t? Since that will probably never happen, it’s probably best to just move on from them and pray . Pray for them.

It’s just like wishing we could go back to whatever the day our lives changed, 11/11/2015 for me, and rewrite it. Pretend it never happened.

Unfortunately, we cannot change that day. Regardless of how much we want to and wish we could. It’ll never change.

It is sad when people act one way to you and another to everyone else. This is kind of like the post where people want you to feel sorry because of how they act. People pretend all the time. Not quite sure what they would benefit from pretending to be the grieving parents friend. Unless it’s to gain praise. Good luck with that though, no one likes ugly.

Just like we can’t pretend the day never happened, they can’t always pretend to be our friends because just like we realize that day did happen, we will realize they aren’t real. They are faux friends.

One thing I have learned over this course is the people that do the most for show or send the most what did I do messages are the ones not in this friendship for the long haul. Those are the people that you learn from and you move on. As much as it will hurt your feelings, you’ll get over it.

We don’t need extra heartache. So if you fall into the pretend category, get your priorities straight and if you can’t, leave us alone. We have a lifetime of heartache to make it through and we don’t need pretending to get us through it, we need real.

Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our plans but the lord determines our steps.”

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