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Stranger Things....

Not to add a TV series title or anything but, it seems fitting.

As the holidays approach, I realize that family is important. Being together and enjoying the time. Because regardless, Lezlie is still there. I mean who else reads the whole birthday card when the get it besides her, LUKE.

Who else was excited about anything and everything she got, regardless.

Stranger things have happened but, Lezlie was in full force today. I am sure she will wait and visit Luke when his friends are gone. She may even show up on his go pro, who knows.

Holidays and birthdays are harder without her but, there are signs everywhere she is around. Honestly, everywhere. Be it in the fact that her favorite perfume was seen as I took something to the laundry room and I wanted to get on AMAZON and order 1 million bottles, but I haven't, well not yet.

The fact that I can see her trying to spend her whole party with a cute baby that came too. She loved babies.

The fact that she would have requested that center letter or whatever it was in the cake and she meant she wanted it regardless. Like someone requested a certain piece and guess what, they got it.

Yes, stranger things may have happened but, nothing strange about her being there in full force and she was probably glad to see both her NCAA teams win. (especially LSU).

Psalm 23:1 "The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing."

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