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Texas Forever....

Another catchy title........

I think I said a while back I would share stories and probably haven't done so well with that.

Lezlie loved the beach. She absolutely loved everything about the sun, sand and waves. The first beach trip we went on, she was probable 3 and she loved it then.

Her last vacation, we took Mallory. We went to see Eric Church also, they had a blast. What was so awesome about that concert was the fact that he did an hr acoustic, took a 30 minute break and then came back for almost 2 hrs. What I learned that day was this, if you park in the right spot it takes 3 minutes to get out of The Wharf and, McDonalds is good regardless of the time. Who doesn't love fries, especially theirs.

The ride down was spent with the kids own version of Karaoke, who doesn't love Journey. The best part of that trip was the 4 kids that I took out of town had a ball together. We ate together, beached together and laughed together. We made memories.

She is probably on the beach right now. Enjoying the sun, sand and waves. The smell of copper tone. Who doesn't love that beach smell. (thanks to bath and body works, I can smell it everyday).

Memories. You can never make too many.

Pictures. You can never take too many.

Road trips. If they want to go, take them. We made many weekend trips just because it was something fun to do.

Live. I have said this more than once, LIVE. Don't get too busy to live.

I will not spend another day not living or spending time with my family because, they are the ones that are important. I won't put them off for anyone. I didn't do it before and I am going to stop doing it now.

For anyone grieving the loss of their child, the best thing I did was seek out and go to a therapist. Being able to talk to someone and not be judged, that was awesome. Tomorrow, I start that journey back because even though this does help, I need to be able to express more of what I am feeling. I am not ashamed of it. After all, I have other people that need me here and they matter!

Joel 2:25 "God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing, all you need is faith."

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