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That one time at band camp....

Of course, this has nothing to do with band camp but it says to have a catchy title.

I am totally at a blank for what to write.

I honestly haven't had time to think today. But, I figured I would share something that I recently felt I needed to do.

I know the only ones that know what happened that day, 11/11/2015, I won't be able to ask until I see them again.


I wanted to blame everyone I could. Myself included. I blamed the guy driving the truck too. But, recently I decided I would reach out to him. I wasn't going to start this conversation as I forgive you.

I found him on Facebook. I sent him a message that basically said I was praying for him. That I thought about and prayed for him daily. I also hoped he was doing well. He replied. He replied he was so sorry. He prayed for us daily and it meant so much to him for me to reach out.

I may not have accomplished much but letting him know that he was included in my prayers meant more to him than anything and to me, that is something.

I don't expect healing to happen overnight. I also do not expect anyone to understand why I do things the way I do. But, that is probably okay. Actually, it is okay. We all grieve and heal differently.

I do know that sometimes reaching out to people, only to offer prayer, is a pretty big thing.

With that being said, I don't have a funny story but I will share a picture, the video is already on FB

. I know tonights is short and to the point but, I will save the big stuff for later.

2 King 20:5 "I have heard your prayer and seen your tears, I will heal you."

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I am so so proud of you carrie Dee! You are stronger than you know! 😘😘

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