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The dash...

I have always heard that it doesn't matter how long you live, its the line in between birth and death that counts.

Life should be lived. Of course, a 15 year really hasn't done as much living as we would hope they had the chance to do.

I mean, she went to many concerts, touched many superstars hands and had pictures with a few, went to many sporting events and, went to a few beaches.

But, she did not get to go to prom. She did not graduate high school. She did not start college and stay in a dorm. She did not graduate college. She did not get to play on the LSU football field like she told me she was going to do. She won't get to be 21 and go to the casino and put a quarter in a slot or just walk through to the restaurant without an escort.

She will not get to to take that senior trip. She will not get to pick out graduation invitations. She did not have that senior party.

She did not get to drive to the beach with Mallory and Bethany for her senior summer vacation like she told me she was going to do.

She did not get to do so many things but, she did get to do some. The dash had meaning in between her dates, not as much as I hoped for, but we made memories. Memories I get to relive and smile and sometimes cry about. Memories that are in the shape of pictures. Memories I can share. Like that time she watched Florida Georgia Line and touched Nelly's hand and thought it was cool. The time we saw Motley Crue and she sang every song.

We lived but oh how I wish we could've lived a little more.

2 Corinthians 5:7 "We live by faith not by sight."

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