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To be honest....

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Sometimes being honest won't get you a lot of friends but, it will get you the right friends.

I have learned that honesty is the best thing on this journey. Do not tell me what you think I want to hear, tell me the truth.

I will tell you the truth and, sometimes the hard cold truth.

I avoid people or situations because I am blunt and to the point and some people cannot take that. Unfortunately, that is their loss. I do not consider it a loss anymore.

I have to tell you that child loss sucks. If I had been given the opportunity to do anything I could to save Lezlie, I would have. Unfortunately, I was not given that choice.

To be honest, nothing makes me madder than seeing someone complain about what they have to do for they kids, don't think I wouldn't mind because I would drive them to wherever, whenever (I am sure I have said this before). Don't take it for granted, this may be your last trip, etc.

To be honest, I used to keep everything bottled up but, I talk now. I cannot stand when someone blows off what you are saying or feeling like it is nothing. I cannot stand when others can say something to these same people and they act like they are so involved. But, like I said earlier its not my loss anymore.

I think if more people tried to think and treat others how God would want you to, this world would be different. I honestly don't see that happening as self centered people are all around.

My problems are not worse than anyone else, as I have said before, and no one else's are worse than mine. We all deal with stuff but, its how we deal. I used to push mine under a rug but, now I don't.

To be honest, I pray no one I know ever experiences the loss of a child. I pray that no one ever experiences the heartbreak I have or the rest of us have but, if you do, someone can help.

I started this to write my feelings about losing Lezlie but, it has turned into a little more. I know that those experiencing it definitely need to know they are not alone in their feelings and if you are like me, anger is one you feel as much as grief.

Luke 12:25. “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?”

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