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We are all just a little mad...

It is true. We are all just a little mad. Me, I am sometimes really mad. I could me angry mad or crazy mad, depends on when it happens.

Grief can make you literally feel crazy. Like, INSANE.

You can become super forgetful. I cannot blame grief because other than a memory about things said or, numbers of any kind, I am forgetful. You can be talking to me and I will literally be in outer space. Sorry, I was actually trying to pay attention but, Heaven was calling my name.

But, grief just takes up a lot of space upstairs so, its all normal.

Of course, therapists and the like will say its expected to be forgetful. I can honestly say, it happens.

I cry a lot. I have probably said this one gazillion times and, it is probably gonna be said that many more.

I sometimes feel absolutely nothing. So, do not get offended if I am not excited about anything good. It happens. A WHOLE BUNCH.

But the mad part, I don't mean crazy either. Grief makes me irritable. A lot of times I will get sad and get mad and it can be probably be attributed to the fact that life just doesn't seem right or fair. Little things will make me angry. I will literally stop talking, texting etc. But, since I already know when it happens, well, I will try better at the above.

I have the attention span of a millisecond, if that exists.

Your whole family grieves and I promise you this, they may feel like you feel.

You will never ever sleep again. I mean it started when you welcomed the little one into the world and, it hasn't gotten better for me and it has been 3.5 years. I could tell you the days, minutes, etc, but I will leave it at years.

Just remember every gets mad or crazy. Those of us grieving have a right to both. Remember that the greater the love the greater the grief. It is all normal. (just don't do anything dangerous).

Psalm 147:3 "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

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