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What are you writing about...

Almost every post I write is about someone I have dealt with. It is basically telling you about the wrong and right things I have encountered with people.

For instance, yesterday was basically about how people can act toward you and make you feel guilty when truthfully they should.

There are things that we do to get by and no one will understand. Dates, dates are very important. The day our child was born and they day they are laid to rest are sacred to us. We do not want to work, to get out of bed and when people that are our friends forget these days, well, they are jerks. Lets be honest, if you know us and you care for us, you won't forget these.

If people say things that make me upset, I will write it here.

If people are making choices that are totally stupid regarding their children that are alive, you will see it here. If you have the opportunity to do what you can to help your kids, do it. If you don't, well I am sure theres a story to relate to you. I wasn't given a choice when my child was taken so if you can prolong the life of yours, do it.

If you cannot respect us, don't even bother to associate.

I am so sick and tired of treading lightly to save feelings that I have decided yesterday, no more.

If you consider yourself friends of us that are experiencing child loss and you care, then you damned sure better act like it.

We didn't ask for this and I promise you we wouldn't wish it upon our worst enemy but, do not dare take what you feel is naivety among us for granted because once you sever that friend tie, it is forever severed.

I write to make people know that aren't alone. I write because I was told by a therapist that writing can help you because its a way to put your feelings out there and lord knows I suck at that.

I write now because I encounter things on a daily basis that I want others like me to know happen and that we aren't crazy. We are just a new normal.

I also write now because if you read this and feel ooh, thats me, it probably is.

2 Corinthians 11:19 "For you, being so wise, tolerate the foolish gladly."

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