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What hurts the most....

Have you ever wondered what was going on in a grieving parents head?

Don't. You would never ever be able to handle it. I mean sometimes we have no idea.

Like I have said before, we can feel every emotion and then some all at once, one at a time and all in one day.

But, it hurts our soul not just because we lost our child, we also cannot explain our feelings and we definitely cannot imagine you imagining how we feel.

We feel lost, alone and you know we are tired.

We smile but are we really smiling on the inside.

We cry and that is something we can do all day everyday. Trust me. There are things that will trigger the crying and it may be nothing related to anything sad but, it brings a memory.

Its the longest journey in the whole wide world. Literally. You could make it to the moon and back before you could make it on this journey. But, we do it. We do it.

Everyone has something that they are going through and not to make anyone else's journey seem small, child loss is far different than a divorce, getting laid off, etc. We all deal with it and we all need prayers, but you can get another job, you can get married again, you can bring your child back and that is the difference.

What hurts the most is having to live knowing the above, we cannot bring them back right now.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

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