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What if...

I am pretty sure everyone has asked what if related to basically anything and everything.

I know I have.

This morning I was met head on by someone pretty stupid. First of all he clearly saw me and then he still tried to pass the slower vehicle on a two lane road. I think he would've kept on if I would've slowed down but I didn't. I didn't because one, he was apparently just that stupid to think I would let him pass and cause me to run off the road and secondly, well lets just say for a brief moment I was unsure of what to do. He then almost hits the car he is trying to pass to get back in the lane to avoid a wreck.

I guess this idiot was in a hurry. I wouldn't use any other word to describe him but idiot. Clearly that is what he is. I also know he frequents the road I was on and I guarantee he will regret that move if I come face to face with him. Let us all pray that never happens, for his sake.

You see, there was a what if he does hit me. What if he runs me into the water? What if he causes me to hit the car he's trying to pass? What if this is it?

That then brings up a bunch of other what if's. What if Lezlie saw the truck before the accident? What if her and Mallory saw what was about to happen but there was nothing they could do? What if they would've had time to react, would they have floored it and just had a what if moment later in life?

I do realize there are way too many scenarios etc to go through and that it probably is best not but, What if this would've ended differently? I bet theres a million people wondering the same thing about accidents that have taken a loved one or, sickness that has or bad choices.

But, we will have to put those what if questions aside and wait until we see Jesus face to face to ask the question that everyone wants the answer to, Why?

Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

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