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Y’all, quit getting offended at everything you don’t agree with. It’s ridiculous.

There are way too many times I see posts by so called Christians mad about something petty. You don’t like it, don’t watch it, don’t listen to it. Simple.

It’s everyday.

Life isn’t meant to be spent getting your panties in a wad about something minor. Something so insignificant that you and all those that are so offended are spending precious time complaining about it.

Just stop.

I’m pretty sure you don’t know The relationship these people have with God. Not at all. Besides you aren’t supposed to judge people. So stop it.

I’m not judging yall saying they must not be Christians because they are so easily offended. Nope. I am

stating A fact that I have seen posts about certain things from certain people who also post how godly they are.

I don’t care what anyone likes or doesn’t. It’s time people stopped getting so offended. If I got offended everytime someone did something I don’t agree with or feel is right , I’d stay Mad.

Instead, I’m saying stop because it’s to the point that some people have nothing better to do than complain. Complain all the time about petty stuff.

Spend your time making a big deal out of things like cancer and a cure, healthcare that is actually good, county roads getting fixed, better laws for child abuse and neglect, mcdonalds fixing their ice cream machine and not what people wore at halftime. Who cares. You don’t agree turn it off. You don’t want your kids to see it you better throw the tv out and the phone. I guarantee There’s far worse on YouTube or Netflix.

You are offended by my opinion, unfollow and delete. I don’t delete people unless they are foolish.

Matthew 7:1 “Judge not lest you be judged.”

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