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I remember when Lezlie realized what her initials spelled, she loved it. LAW.

Who wouldn't. I had a friend in high school who had the same initials and she loved it back then too. She was super smart and said she wanted to be a lawyer. Lezlie, well she was thinking of PTA or kicker for LSU. Could've went either way.

Sometimes we forget the little things stressing over the big ones. Like the fact that she had the coolest initials.

Me, not so much.

Some small things were so significant to her. She would've loved to have had her tournament ball softball number but, we have loved #19. Can't go wrong there.

My seats at the upcoming football came are in a section with 19 and seats 19 and 20. I love it. It means a ton to me. It means she will be there, rooting for them tigers of course.

Do not forget to focus more on the little things because they are just as important as the big things. Small memories have just as much meaning.

Lezlie did her own hair for homecoming and you know, she did awesome. I actually still have the can of hair spray, and the dress. The shoes are also put up.

The little things.

Psalm 37:7 "God always gives his best to those who leave the choice with him."

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