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In case you are wondering, this never gets easier. EVER.

Ive been waiting for the easier part for almost 4 years, seems this year its harder.

I have asked that same question, I get the same answer.

Imagine you are on the fence between Heaven and Earth, no, it doesn't get easier.

Child loss is horrific, permanent so where does easier fit? Lets save that for riding a bike or boiling water.

Think of the steps we go through like this, one step forward, 4 steps back. You are literally treading water and praying your head stays above.

You will think, hmmm things are going smoothly and out of know where, life hits you in the face. It comes from all sorts of things, long brown hair and converse from the back, that messy bun, a giggle, a smell, anything. A Taco Belle Baja Blast Freeze. Anything!

So you breathe.

It isn't easy. Someone is always missing. We are incomplete. You cannot fix it or make it right.

We are broken. Everything is broken.

No, it doesn't ever get easier. Not for me. I maybe cannot speak for anyone else in the child loss club but, NO!

Imagine being asked how many kids do you have? How old are they? Etc, etc.

It never gets easier.

Colossians 3:23 "Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people."

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