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And then there were....

The older you get the more wise you become to true friends.

Why, well, if you have to work to have a friend - you don't need them. Lets be honest, we work at enough things and why do we want to have to work at something that should be so simple.

Lezlie loved her friends but, she was not going to change who she was to have a friend. You liked her as she was, and trust me that everyone did, or she didn't honestly need you.

As adults, we spend way to much time trying to make friends. I say who cares. I am not going to try to talk to you if you constantly act like its a hassle. For real. I have enough problems getting up and going and I dang sure don't need your fake friend drama. (I am just writing here but let me say this, read on because maybe everyone needs to realize they are needed and who in the world needs the friend that cannot be one unless they c are liquored up).

Yes, I am here to tell you that you are not needed in my special circle if you cannot be 100% with me all the time. That doesn't mean physically either.

You see, us grieving folks, the ones grieving the loss of a child, well we have a lot to deal with and no, it isn't worse than your daily stuff but, have you lost a child if not, remember the sentence below. I do not care if I lose a friend because I can promise you losing a child is way worse than losing a fair weather fake friend. Yes, I went there.

I am getting to the point of this whole post, it is sad when you have to explain to younger children that working for a friendship is really not worth it and they need to just let it be. We as adults need to lead by example. Do not let your kids think it is okay to be used by their "friends" either. If they cannot like them for who they are then they do not need them. No one needs to feel like the only reason you are friends is because you can do this or that, you get the point.

Get up on Sundays and go to church, read the bible, hang out with people that will lead you to the right place, (heaven), stay away from anyone or anything that causes more stress than you need, do not change for anyone and most importantly, do not let someone constantly make you feel less just because they do not know what true friendship is. (not just that drunk text that apparently is meant to keep you hanging on....). If you have to pray extra hard because of who you hang around with, you might want to get them on the right path or let them be. Friends shouldn't make you lower your standards either.

Proverbs 27: "A sweet friendship refreshes the soul...."

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