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One thing I can definitely tell you is that I am probably far from the social butterfly Lezlie ever was. I distance myself to avoid drama and heartache. There is always drama and there is always someone who will break your heart.

My heart has been broken beyond repair. But, I am also now at the point where I want to revert to how I was this time 2016. I just worked and came home. If I didn't get out and do anything, I was totally okay. The less I spent trying to make friends the better I was. The least amount of time I spend in the social aspect of life, the better I was. Or so I thought. But, it is so easy to get back into that feeling.

God doesn't expect us to like everyone but we do have to love them. We all encounter people we don't care to deal with but, we have to be Godlike and yes, be nice and even socialize. God doesn't like ugly. Sometimes people take things the wrong way. I don't expect my friends to all like each other but, I do expect them to respect that I may be friends without someone they aren't fond of and also, respect that I have decided to treat everyone the way I am supposed to. The way God would want me too.

All this stresses me and makes me want to go into the hermit stage.

Like I mentioned, Lezlie was far from the hermit type, she loved life and people. When we had a rain delay at the last LSU game we attended, she made friends with the elderly gentleman and they sang every song that came on and, they laughed. And you know what, that is what God expects us to do. She would help anyone. Me, I will help anyone but sometimes that gets me into a mess because I can be too nice. I don't like for people to want or need and if that means I may want or need, I don't care but, can you tell the difference between the snake and the true friend. Not many can.

I just have reached that point where I would rather not have all the chaos required of socializing. I am hoping this passes but, it may take a bit. But, always remember I do have Jesus with me.

With that being said, people should never take it personally. I promise it isn't just you.

Matthew 28:20 "You are not alone. I will be with you day after day after day."

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