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Choose your words...

You know, sometimes people really take for granted things others wish they had.

Children. You that are mad because you have to push your plans back or make a minor change to take your child to the football game, band meeting, etc., think about that person that cannot have children.

Think about those of us that buried our children.

Choose your words wisely and be sure you are careful with who hears or sees how you really feel. Push your kids away, that will teach you.

I would gladly sweat my butt off at a softball game. I would gladly change my dinner plans to drop off and pick my child up from a football game but, I do not get that luxury anymore. But, don't think for a minute I would do it and do it with a smile. Children outgrow their parents but do not make them outgrow you before its time.

Us grieving parents, we would give anything to be "inconvenienced". Some of you spend more time complaining about what you "have to do" instead of thinking of the bigger picture. Time spent with your babies, regardless of their age.

Choose your words wisely and, be sure you send that text to the right person or better yet, quit bitching about what you have to do for your own child and start being thankful for the little moments. One day they will be big moments you will miss (not because of death I hope but because they outgrew you or you pushed them away).

Matthew 12:37 "For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."

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